Danielle Conte: Electric Women

Danielle Conte in Mixtape Sunglasses

Danielle Conte 

What does it mean to be an Electric Woman? In this series, we will be showcasing women who inspire, inform and delight those around them by living a life extraordinary. They follow their heart, dreams and ambition and take us along for the ride. We are excited to introduce you to the Danielle Conte, the founder of @consciouscoconut, mother of two and friend of Electric. Read below to get a glimpse into the day and the life of Danielle and her social enterprise of making Conscious Coconut your new multi-tasking miracle product.
Mixtape Sunglasses and Conscious Coconut products
As a mama of two and a business owner, I have to toss out any idea of balance and stay on my toes 24/7 with a smile. Because there’s simply no way of doing it all, I honor where I am every morning and try not to set lofty goals. When you do, and you don’t meet them—you feel this sense of failure. Instead, I encourage everyone to set small, achievable goals so that they feel a sense of accomplishment every day. A doctor noticed sun damage on my eyes a while ago, so sunnies are no joke in my household, especially living on the beach. Electric goes above and beyond covering eye care. The owners are such special people and I love supporting independent businesses - there’s something very special about seeing another business doing great things that make this all so fun.
Danielle Conte in a yoga pose


Setting the energy for the day is more important than ever.

1. The minute the babe wakes up, I say “thank you for my breath, this house, my health, my love, my kids, and a job I love”.

2. I hop up and set Gabriel in the swing with some jazz, a favorite since my husband’s family is from New Orleans, steep some tea and help my 2-year-old get ready for school.

3. After they’re out the door, I throw on something easy and nursing-friendly and quickly take a moment to ask for healing, luck, and love.