Baja California has long been a place of escape for the Southern California surfer; a place where the roads are a bit dustier, the waves a bit emptier, and the beers…well the beers tend to be a bit warmer but taste a whole lot better.
Overshot view of the Ocean
Stosh Lindsey looking at the waves
In much need of some warm water (and some polarized lens testing), we hit up our good friend, and Cabo local, Stosh Lindsey. While Cabo may be more known for Squid Row and watered-down pool drinks than the empty Baja spaces we dream of, Stosh assured us that we’d find just what we were looking for. He couldn’t have been more right.
Landscape of a creek surrounded by rocks
Overhead image of swimmers
Stosh Lindsey drinking a beer
The weekend was spent trading waves, flipping off hidden waterfalls, and enjoying all the charm Baja has to offer. Thanks Stosh, we’ll be seeing you soon.
Stosh Lindsey and his band
Juice bar counter top
Stosh and Ian drinking a beer in the trunk of a car
We had some cold cans and watched the sun set after a full day of surf and adventures. Stosh really knows how to live down here and he doesn't take a single day for granted. Check out this video we made after we got back to the real world. Until next time...