What does it mean to be an Electric Woman? In this series, we will be showcasing women who inspire, inform and delight those around them by living a life extraordinary. They follow their heart, their dreams and their ambition, and bring us along for the ride.
Get a glimpse in to the magical world of Wellness blogger and friend of Electric, @earthyandy, and see her selection of favorite sunglasses from Electric.
Earthy Andy and her kids eating pineapple at the market


My routine is super flexible right now but I try my best to:
1. Wake up on time
2. Bike 2 older boys to school
3. Break a sweat
4. Take baby Nalu for a walk in the stroller
5. Hydrate and Nourish!
Earthy Andy and her kids skateboarding
I love to surf more than anything! If the waves aren’t good I want to do something active like go for a swim or run or maybe do a class with a friend. I feel so good when I break a sweat and so if I get a chance to do this I’m all about it! It gives me so much energy and keeps me mellow and happy.
How do you balance work and family?
I have a bit of a system - I’ll write- post- and comment and respond back and forth and try and answer as much as I can in 30 min! Once that time is done I turn it off for the rest of the day! As far as work and shooting, sometime it takes scheduling which I do with my husband but most of the time it’s pretty impromptu! I enjoy capturing moments, writing and journaling! My blog is quite therapeutic for me!
Earthy Andy and her kids eating smoothie bowls
“Anytime I’m outside I have a pair of Electric sunglasses on. I notice a huge difference when I wear them. They release tension from my head and eyes and block out any bugs from flying in my eyes when I’m running at lightning speed! And they make me look put together even if I just rolled out of bed :) “
Earhy Andy, her husband, and kids in a boat
“Besides loving the people behind the brand, I appreciate the quality and beauty of the product. I love and trust Electric Sunglasses and I adore a variety of timeless styles. Electric is the only brand I know that infuses melanin from added protection into all of their lenses!”