What does it mean to be an Electric Woman? 

In this series, we will be showcasing women who inspire, inform and delight those around them by living a life extraordinary. They follow their heart, their dreams, and their ambition, and bring us along for the ride.

@kait.hurley has been in the health and wellness space for over a decade. She founded the KAIT app where subscribers MOVE +MEDITATE in a meaningful way. She has been featured in publications such as Goop, Mind Body Green, Well + Good, and many more.


Q&A with Kait Hurley

Kait Hurley in workout clothes


Where do you live?

Home is Portland, OR. For the next few months, I'm living in Washington DC and splitting my time between the East and West.


Who is Kait?

Teacher, student, and digital entrepreneur. My greatest joy has been creating the KAIT app, a platform that makes movement and meditation accessible. Whether you're in the mood for a high-intensity sweat session, a run, or you're craving something more restorative like yoga, there's something for everyone. Every single class ends with a guided meditation to help you rest, recover, and settle deeper into the present moment.


What are you passionate about? 

Sharing the practices that have been so transformative for me with all of you. For years, I struggled with anxiety and looked for answers outside of myself. Once I started meditating and working with my teacher Kimberly Carson, I learned that everything I need is already within. That's what I want other people to uncover too. To be able to point people back to themselves and their own wisdom is a gift.


Who/what influences you:

Ancient wisdom, mysticism, and yoga are all huge teachers and have had a profound impact on my life. I'm also deeply inspired by writer and speaker Layla Saad and spiritual activist Rachel Ricketts. Both women have shown me why the wellness space must be a place where we have conversations about social and racial justice. They've also shown me how I can cause less harm and spend my privilege as a white woman. 


Favorite health food:

All the greens. Spinach, butter lettuce, and dino kale (as long as it's cooked a little) are my faves.


Kait Hurley stretching



Favorite indulgence:

Hands down Jem's Chocolate Hazelnut Butter. It's a little pricey and my husband sort of rolls his eyes when I buy it at the grocery store. But I'll just never stop. I can't, and I don't want to!



Kait Hurley running



Personal goal for 2020:

Show up. Try my best. Let go of the outcome. 2020 is about staying present, giving it my all, and meet whatever arises with kindness. 




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Kait's 2020 Challenge

Kait Hurley stretching



Why the 2020 Challenge?

Because I want to help people take care of not just their physical body—but of their mind and heart too. By focusing on a 6-week exercise and meditation program, we're going deeper than what you can see in the mirror and we're giving people practical tools to be fully present, now. We don't recognize this often, but truly our attention and our ability to be present in our most precious resource—it's our most valuable asset. The best part about this Challenge is that it's easy to integrate into your busy life. Classes are just 30 minutes, and the guided plan features three classes each week. I hope you'll decide to join me and hundreds from all over the world! It all kicks off on Monday, January 13th, but when you join now, you get access to my entire library of over 90 classes.



Get a feel for the
2020 Challenge with this free class 

In this challenging, high-energy class we explore the abundance of now by focusing on feeling the breath, becoming aware of the beating of the heart, and celebrating the abundance of strength that's within you already. Get ready for lots of big heart-pumping moves including Side Lunges, Scissor Jumps, upper body + mat work, and more. In the end, we'll settle into the abundance of now, with a guided meditation.