In honor of Mother’s Day, we are excited to highlight our favorite Nashville-based lifestyle influencer, mother, and friend of Electric.
Living with Landyn in Wirecat Sunglasses
If you haven’t heard of Landyn Hutchinson yet you can thank us now for the introduction. She is a powerhouse full of energy who loves to share all of the things from fashion, to home décor, and recipes. Landyn always has your best interest in mind. She is a self-proclaimed girl’s girl, driven with passion to connect and support. Read below to get a glimpse into her fast-paced world of building her empire.

Living with Landyn in Encelia Sunglasses


I’m an early morning girl and typically awake at 5 am.
1. Reach for is my coffee, I go to bed dreaming about that first cup
2. I like having that quiet time to myself to plan my day.
3. Head to my workout, which consists of light weights and plyometrics moves
4. Next up breakfast: 2 eggs and 1/2 avocado. Totally boring, but it’s my fave.
Living with Landyn and her husband, children, and dog
Balancing life and work is the hardest thing I do. Maybe because I love my job. One thing I try to do is schedule work stuff (meetings, calls etc.) between 8 am- 3pm, that way when I pick up my kiddos I’m present with them. Anything after those hours can wait till tomorrow.
What do you like to do with your alone time?
Alone time for me would be a walk in the park with my yellow lab jack, or a stroll down a Homegoods aisle.
Living with Landyn in Encelia Sunglasses
...like most busy mamas I spend my days in the car and Electric sunnies are always part of the journey. They’re what I reach for. I love their story. I love the people behind the lenses. I love the quality. I love the ever-changing designs, yet how they remain classic and timeless.