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Our pursuit of excellence can be found in utilizing the best team riders in the world and the highest technology available. Innovation isn’t just about being different, it’s about being the best.

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Goggle Frame

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1. Frame Ventilation

Maximum airflow through our frame vents keeps hot air moving up and out while keeping your eyes from watering and lenses from fogging.

2. Duel-Lens

Dual-lens construction creates a climate-controlled environment within your lens. The result is a sealed space and a thermal barrier between the inner and outer lens to prevent fogging in all conditions.

3. Fit and Comfort

Frame and nose bridge slits allow for maximum frame flexibility and provide you with optimal fit and comfort.

4. Silicone-Lined Strap

Our premium goggles feature a silicone lined strap, which allows them to stay put on your head or your helmet.

5. Thermoplastic Urethane (TPU)

TPU = Flexibility. Our TPU retains maximum flex in extremely low temperatures, is resistant to abrasion and has high tensile strength.

6. Triple Layer Face Foam

Our multi-layered face foam provides increased comfort, a tight seal, has wicking properties and is lined in hypoallergenic polar fleece.


Goggle Lenses

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Photochromic Lens Technology

Photochromic technology adapts to changing light. When light is abundant the lens will darken, when light conditions lower the lens will allow more light in. 

Anti-Reflection Coating

A violet mirror layer, applied to the inside of the goggle lens, prevents light from reflecting off the back for improved comfort and clarity.


All of our goggles have a hydrophobic anti-fog treatment that absorbs moisture before it can distort your vision.

Hard Coating

The hard coating treatment, applied to the inside of the goggle lens, creates a tight seal against the elements and adds another protective scratch barrier.

Lens Ventilation

Electric’s lens vents are engineered to promote proper airflow, reduce condensation and effectively eliminate fogging.

Inner Lens / Pressure Valve

Pressure build-up between the inner and outer lenses can result in optical distortion. Our directional valve relieves pressure at varying altitudes ensuring proper visual performance so you can ride with confidence.


Press Seal

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Cylindrical Lens

Electric's cylindrical lenses are curved horizontally, while remaining flat vertically, and promote better optics by eliminating peripheral distortion.

Available styles: Electron, EGX, Electrolite, Charger, EGV, EGV.K

Mold-Injected Spherical Lens

Our optically correct spherical lenses curve both horizontally and vertically and provide optimal peripheral visibility.

Available styles: EG3, EG3.5, EG2, EG2.5

Mold-Injected Toric Lens

Our most-advanced lens shape, the toric lens boasts added peripheral vision and optical clarity by better matching the shape of the human eye. All of our mold-injected lenses are created using optical grade polycarbonate for the best in clarity.

Available style: EGG


Tuned Lenses

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VLT Information

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