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Ian Foulke  

JJF12 Eco Focus

Our Most EnvironmentallyFriendly Sunglass Ever “Sustainability is deeply important to me. We did our best to use environmentally friendly materials to ensure these sunglasses left a minimal footprint. This product is lightweight, stylish and developed to inspire adventure. I hope you use them while climbing mountains, in the big city, or the middle of the Pacific.” - John John Florence Eco Focus The most environmentally friendly product we have ever produced, manufactured with injected Rilsan® bioplastic which is created from castor beans. The microfiber cleaning bag is made from Repreve® recycled performance fiber. Our JJF12 box is made from recycled cardboard, and printed with vegetable-based ink. "We designed the JJF12 using the knowledge we have amassed over the last 20 years in the development of forwarding eyewear technology, superior fit, and wearable style. This collaboration with John John Florence has provided a platform to create the most impressive sunglass we’ve ever made."   - Eric Crane  

Justin Bishop skateboarding
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Catching Up With Justin Bishop

We proudly announced our partnership with Justin Bishop, the visually impaired skateboarder from Las Vegas, earlier this year. Since then, his career has taken off and his accomplishments have gained international recognition from the skateboarding and adaptive sports communities. Most recently, Justin was invited by USA Skateboarding to compete in the first adaptive skateboarding contest that included visually impaired skateboarders. Justin competed against a host of amazing adaptive skateboarders but it was his six stair ollie that earned over 460K views on @berrics Instagram.    MAKING MOVES Thrasher Video Part Justin’s first video part launched on Thrasher.com. A site known for hosting only the best global skateboarding content, Thrasher showcased Justin’s video part to the applause of its entire audience.   WHAT'S NEXT “ I am currently working on my most challenging video project yet. I have 6 months to learn and put down new tricks at new spots. All of it is intimidating, but the goal is to continue to elevate my level on aboard. I plan on releasing the part in January and I can’t wait to show everyone what I have been working on every day. - @justinthebishop

The Beschen Family at the beach
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The Beschen Family

The Beschen family name is synonymous with surfing. Their passion for the sport can be seen every day in the lifestyle they’ve built around the warm waters of O’ahu’s famed North Shore. From father Shane Beschen’s iconic pro surfing career to the budding talent of his sons Noah & Koda, it’s clear that saltwater runs deep in their veins.   Shane was born and raised in the waters of our hometown San Clemente, CA. He pursued a professional surfing career that garnered him world recognition for his raw talent and competitive prowess. A love for Hawaii’s warm water and incredible surf drew Shane to make a full-time move. He and his wife Sophia have raised two sons at Rocky Point and they have now become some of Shane’s biggest surfing inspirations.     “ My dad has always been one of my hero’s. He introduced me to surfing he pushed me to become the surfer I have become today, and he is one of my favorite people to surf with now. I think he still likes to surf more than I do! - @noahbeschen     “ It’s been the coolest thing ever to raise my two sons on the North Shore. They had the best childhood surrounded by the ocean. They surfed, played in the shore break, and ran around with their friends without a care in the world. - @shanebeschen

Justin Bishop skateboarding
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Justin Bishop

INTRODUCING Justin Bishop Justin Bishop is a 32 year old skateboarder from Las Vegas, Nevada. He lost his vision ten years ago due to a disorder called retinitis pigmentosa, but refused to give up on his greatest passion: skateboarding. He is now changing the perception of what is possible for the visually impaired active communities. Justin is one of the only skateboarders in the world to skate in sunglasses. Electric’s goal is to empower Justin to chase his dream and protect his eyes every day. Help OneHelp Many Justin was recruited by Zappos and Not Impossible Labs to help develop and refine the first audio prototype for visually impaired skateboarders. Following Not Impossible’s mantra of “Help one, Help Many”, Justin became the “One” to interact with the Acoustical Phased Array speaker technology. This unique audio barrier allows Justin to mentally map out a skatepark or new skate spot without the use of his sight.     JUSTIN BISHOP X ELECTRIC ProgressivePartnerships Electric is proud to partner with Not Impossible Labs and Zappos Adaptive to innovate and elevate the lifestyles of people with unique circumstances and needs. Engaging, developing, and supporting athletes like Justin Bishop inspires Electric to continue to push design and function as an inclusive global eyewear leader. #stylethatperforms.

Danielle Conte in Mixtape Sunglasses
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Danielle Conte: Electric Women

Danielle Conte  What does it mean to be an Electric Woman? In this series, we will be showcasing women who inspire, inform and delight those around them by living a life extraordinary. They follow their heart, dreams and ambition and take us along for the ride. We are excited to introduce you to the Danielle Conte, the founder of @consciouscoconut, mother of two and friend of Electric. Read below to get a glimpse into the day and the life of Danielle and her social enterprise of making Conscious Coconut your new multi-tasking miracle product. As a mama of two and a business owner, I have to toss out any idea of balance and stay on my toes 24/7 with a smile. Because there’s simply no way of doing it all, I honor where I am every morning and try not to set lofty goals. When you do, and you don’t meet them—you feel this sense of failure. Instead, I encourage everyone to set small, achievable goals so that they feel a sense of accomplishment every day. A doctor noticed sun damage on my eyes a while ago, so sunnies are no joke in my household, especially living on the beach. Electric goes above and beyond covering eye care. The owners are such special people and I love supporting independent businesses - there’s something very special about seeing another business doing great things that make this all so fun. A DAY IN THE LIFE OF DANIELLE Setting the energy for the day is more important than ever.1. The minute the babe wakes up, I say “thank you for my breath, this house, my health, my love, my kids, and a job I love”.2. I hop up and set Gabriel in the swing with some jazz, a favorite since my husband’s family is from New Orleans, steep some tea and help my 2-year-old get ready for school.3. After they’re out the door, I throw on something easy and nursing-friendly and quickly take a moment to ask for healing, luck, and love.

Living with Landyn in Electric Sunglasses
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Mother's Day

@livingwithlandyn   In honor of Mother’s Day, we are excited to highlight our favorite Nashville-based lifestyle influencer, mother, and friend of Electric. If you haven’t heard of Landyn Hutchinson yet you can thank us now for the introduction. She is a powerhouse full of energy who loves to share all of the things from fashion, to home décor, and recipes. Landyn always has your best interest in mind. She is a self-proclaimed girl’s girl, driven with passion to connect and support. Read below to get a glimpse into her fast-paced world of building her empire. A DAY IN THE LIFE OF @livingwithlandyn   I’m an early morning girl and typically awake at 5 am. 1. Reach for is my coffee, I go to bed dreaming about that first cup 2. I like having that quiet time to myself to plan my day. 3. Head to my workout, which consists of light weights and plyometrics moves 4. Next up breakfast: 2 eggs and 1/2 avocado. Totally boring, but it’s my fave. Balancing life and work is the hardest thing I do. Maybe because I love my job. One thing I try to do is schedule work stuff (meetings, calls etc.) between 8 am- 3pm, that way when I pick up my kiddos I’m present with them. Anything after those hours can wait till tomorrow.   What do you like to do with your alone time?   Alone time for me would be a walk in the park with my yellow lab jack, or a stroll down a Homegoods aisle. ...like most busy mamas I spend my days in the car and Electric sunnies are always part of the journey. They’re what I reach for. I love their story. I love the people behind the lenses. I love the quality. I love the ever-changing designs, yet how they remain classic and timeless.

Earthy Andy and her kids at the beach
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Earthy Andy

What does it mean to be an Electric Woman? In this series, we will be showcasing women who inspire, inform and delight those around them by living a life extraordinary. They follow their heart, their dreams and their ambition, and bring us along for the ride. Get a glimpse in to the magical world of Wellness blogger and friend of Electric, @earthyandy, and see her selection of favorite sunglasses from Electric. A DAY IN THE LIFE OF @earthyandy   My routine is super flexible right now but I try my best to: 1. Wake up on time 2. Bike 2 older boys to school 3. Break a sweat 4. Take baby Nalu for a walk in the stroller 5. Hydrate and Nourish! I love to surf more than anything! If the waves aren’t good I want to do something active like go for a swim or run or maybe do a class with a friend. I feel so good when I break a sweat and so if I get a chance to do this I’m all about it! It gives me so much energy and keeps me mellow and happy.   How do you balance work and family?   I have a bit of a system - I’ll write- post- and comment and respond back and forth and try and answer as much as I can in 30 min! Once that time is done I turn it off for the rest of the day! As far as work and shooting, sometime it takes scheduling which I do with my husband but most of the time it’s pretty impromptu! I enjoy capturing moments, writing and journaling! My blog is quite therapeutic for me! “Anytime I’m outside I have a pair of Electric sunglasses on. I notice a huge difference when I wear them. They release tension from my head and eyes and block out any bugs from flying in my eyes when I’m running at lightning speed! And they make me look put together even if I just rolled out of bed :) “ “Besides loving the people behind the brand, I appreciate the quality and beauty of the product. I love and trust Electric Sunglasses and I adore a variety of timeless styles. Electric is the only brand I know that infuses melanin from added protection into all of their lenses!”

JJF12 Sunglasses
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JJF12 Featured in Outside Magazine

Outside Magazine’s longtime digital editor, Jakob Schiller, found the JJF12 one of the most stylish and versatile eyewear pieces to have for all your holiday travels.     "Sustainability is deeply important to me. We did our best to use environmentally friendly materials to ensure these sunglasses left a minimal footprint. This product is lightweight, stylish and developed to inspire adventure. I hope you use them while climbing mountains, in the big city, or the middle of the Pacific.” - John John Florence   “Regardless of whether John John Florence makes the Olympics, these glasses are a must-have accessory. The gold lenses pop against the black frames, and you’ll really stand out if you wear the removable eyecups. They also work damn well. Electric built the JJF12 with polarized lenses and a scratch-resistant coating. We love the generous but sleek rubber grippers on the nose and temples, which prevent slippage.” - Jakob Schiller, Outside Magazine     ABOUT THE AUTHOR Jakob Schiller works for Outside Magazine. Jakob brings his unique expertise, irreverence, and humor to the biggest stories, all told through an outdoor lens in print and on the web. Outside Magazine hopes you find inspiration here, then take that wonder outside.   #thepowerof12      

The King Family in an old car
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The Kings

Surfers, skaters, musicians, global nomads, Kyuss and Rasmus King ooze talent and have an incredible sense of style and self.     ALL ABOUT FAMILY Eva and Justin King might just be the coolest parents on the planet. These former models met on the northern beaches of Sydney fell in love and the rest is history. Their focus is on raising Kyuss and Rasmus in their image with an emphasis on adventure, healthy living, loud music, rock ‘n roll, chasing dreams, and creativity.     WANDERLUST Often found in far-reaching corners of the world, Kyuss and Rasmus have been seeking adventure since, well, forever and fill their days surfing, skateboarding, and hunting for vintage records.   HOME BASE Byron Bay is where the Kings call home. According to Justin, “Byron is a magic town surrounded by world-class waves. When we first started coming here there were no crowds and the town was alive with buskers, street performers, health food, hippies, and yoga. Byron is a magic place in the Rainbow Region.”